New Generation of Hard Floor Cleaning

Easier to use. Longer run time. Sweeping and mopping has never been easier.

Easier to Maintain

Cleaning your floor has never been easier.

Keeping Your Home Free From Dust

We all hate dusty floors, so we introduced, No Suction Technology. Unlike a traditional vacuum, we do not use any suction. What does this mean to you? We do not require any hepa filters, and we are conversation quiet at 60dB.

Hizero Revolutionizes Hard Floor Cleaning

A hard floor cleaner that allows you to throw away the traditional mop. We not only clean your floor, but we can also pick up any food spills.

The Anatomy of a Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

01 Polymer Cleaning Roller

The unique high-density roller, gently cleans your flooring, while it is being self cleaned.

02 Brush Roller

The specially designed brush roller to collects all human and pet hair from your floor. It is simple to clean with our brush comb, that is supplied in the box.

03 Solid Waste Container

All solid waste is captured in the waste container, for easy removal.

04 Separate Smart Water Tanks

Our Smart Tanks separate all dirty and clean water. Making it easy for you to dispose of the dirty water down the sink.

05 Control Interface

Simple one touch operation, with colour coded signals highlighting the status. Red for stop and blue in operation.

06 Lithium-Ion Battery

Enjoy cordless cleaning convenience with long run time. Fully charges in 3-4 hours.

Features We Deliver

Easy Floor Cleaning

1. Sweeps and mops at the same time. Saving you time and effort, and of course you don’t need a traditional mop!

2. Features AirDry technology. Unlike a traditional mop, AirDry leaves minimal water. So your floor is not only clean but dry in a short period of time.

3. Separates liquids and solids, so no need for you to separate them, we have done it for you already.

Realtime Self-Cleaning

Our unique polymer roller is self cleaning during operation. This means your floor is always being cleaned with clean roller constantly. This means we are not redistributing any dirt back on your floor.

Dust Free

Our innovative Polymer Roller Technology, does not rely on suction like a traditional vacuum cleaner. Without suction we do not emit any air, which could contain dust. Without dust emission, we can reduce the likelihood of dust causing any irritation to your breathing. Also, another benefit is no need for any motor filters!


At just 60dB we are as quiet as a normal conversation. So, we won’t disturb anyone in the home, Just think while your child is sleeping, you could be quietly sweeping and mopping your floor.

Long Cleaning Time

An unrivalled 80-miniute run time, will allow you to clean more floor and charge less. Who wants to run out of charge in the middle of sweeping and mopping your floor? With a Hizero we not only increase the run time to more than 80 minutes on the latest model, but reduce energy consumption as well.

Hygienic Floor Cleaning

We only use clean water on your floor during the whole process, so no longer will you redistribute any dirt on your floor. This means all dirt, dust, liquids and food scraps will be picked up in one easy motion. For an even better result we recommend, to use HygieneHero our specially formulated cleaning solution.

Easy to Use

Cordless operation – makes it flexible to use no more cords.

20° angle, allows you to get into those hard to places. Like under your favorite chair.

Easy to manoeuvre with automatic driving force.

Light weight and low center of gravity design.

Easy Floor Cleaning.

Multi-Room Cleaning

We can clean any hard floor in your home. From the food spills in your kitchen, to the hair in your bathroom. A Hizero can conquer it all.

Multi-Surface Usage

We clean the following floors: Natural timber, Engineered timber, Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Marble tiles, Polished concrete and Laminates.

Energy Saving
1 litre of water cleans 100m² of hard flooring
Water Saving
10 mins for 50m²
Time Saving
< 60 dB
Noise Reduced
0.08kwh electricity for one hour
Electrical Energy Saving
All our accessories have been developed to enhance the operation of the Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner. Regular maintenance ensures you will keep your beautiful floors as clean as we strive to have.
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