Hizero Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution




介紹 Hizero Hygiene Clean™

Our specially formulated Hard floor cleaning solution.

What is HygieneClean™

HygieneClean™ is our specially formulated cleaning solution when used in conjunction with our Revolutionary UltimateClean Bionic Mop. Will not only leave your hard floor clean but Hygienically clean. Only a cap full is required to clean 50 square meters of flooring, making it highly effective not only Hygienically but environmentally.

Bonus HygieneClean™

with every Hizero UltimateClean™

  • Free 100ml sample in every Hizero UltimateClean™
  •  100ml equates to 1000 square meters of Hygienically cleaned hard flooring
  •  Duration of Promotion 1 year from the first shipment

Test results-HygieneClean™

  • Cleaning solution by a widely trusted brand SWIPE
  •  Proven disinfection effect by 3rd party lab tests.
  •  Shipped with the product, also available as consumables.


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