Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

Why are you still using mop?

When you sweep the floor...

✓ It cannot remove all the dust;

✓ In many instances the broom just moves the dust from the floor to the air.

✓ You can only sweep solid waste, not liquids.

When you mop the floor...

✓ A mop cannot pick up solid waste.

✓ A mop won't hygienically clean your floor, as you re-depositing dirty water on your floor.

✓ Traditional mopping consumes more water.

✓ Can leave a smell on the floor.

When you mop the floor...

✓ Dust blown back into the environment.

✓ Higher noise level.

✓ Cannot hygienically clean your floor, can only remove solid waste.

Why are you still using mop?


Cutting-edge technology hard floor cleaner. Hizero is perfect for all hard floors – tiles, laminate, and wooden floors. Bionic dual cleaning technology, sweeps, mops and dries.


Hizero saves 80%-90% on water, power, and your time compared to conventional cleaning appliances. It uses just 1 liter of water, 0.01kWh of electricity, and 8 minutes to clean up 100 square meters of floor area. With leading-edge noise reduction technologies, Hizero is 70% quieter than regular vacuum cleaners.

(Data comes from HIZERO laboratory)


Hizero intuitive in every way, no settings to adjust with only 2 simple control buttons, power on and off, setting 1 for regular cleaning or 2 for heavy cleaning. The interface tells you all you need to know, blue when all is good and red when you need to do something.

HIZERO Bionic Hard Floors Cleaner

HIZERO UltimateClean™ No suction required, no air outlet to release air dust and lower noise level

Disclaimer: *Dries- removes excess water.


Meet the HIZERO

HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner goes beyond a vacuum. It sweeps, mops, and picks up wet and dry spills on any hard floor, allowing people to enjoy cleaner, healthier, and easier lifestyles.

HIZERO Ultimate Clean™

HIZERO Ultimate Clean™ technology is an innovation as it does not utilize suction like a vacuum cleaner does. Our No Suction Technology means we do not emit any dust or allergens back out into the air. Creating not only beautifully cleaned hygienic hard floors, but also a revelation in reducing dust emissions into the home.

This is a 4 in 1 wireless hard floor cleaning solution that uses a unique high polymer roller to sweep, mop and mop the floor while cleaning itself.



Cordless Upright


3.9 kg


19 V lithium ion battery, fully charged in 4 hours


<60 dB

Water Consumption

1 liter of water can wash about 1,000 square feet(HIZERO laboratory test data)



Water Tank Volume

Clean water tank:500 ml

Waste water tank:500ml

Usage Restrictions

Hard floors use only (such as tiles, laminate, hardwood, all sealed floors)