F100 FAQ

Is there a LED to indicate the full dirty water tank, just like the insufficient clean water?
There is a square LED light on the handle. What does it mean?
There is a water drop LED light on the handle, but but i have fill the water tank before using.
Water leaks when cleaning the floor
Wiper deformation
HIZERO cannot move automatically

Other FAQs
What advantages does this product have compared with vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots?
What types of floors can this product clean, and can it clean carpets?
Can I clean a greasy floor?
Can I clean under the sofa or bed?
How long does it take to fully charge the battery, and how long does the battery last after being fully charged?
How much floor area can be cleaned with 1 box of clean water?
Can other products such as detergent be added to the purified water tank?
How long does the maintenance take?
What should I pay attention to after each use of the product?
How often does it take to clean the brush roller?
How often does it take to clean your soft rubber filter?
Which parts are recommended to be replaced regularly?
What should I do if the cleaning roller smells strange?
Can the machine clean sharp hard objects like screws and tile fragments?
How to store it if not used for a long time?
Product information
What is bionic cleaning technology?
How many water tanks does the HIZERO have and why?
What types of mess can the HIZERO clean and what to avoid?
How large an area can the HIZERO clean?
Assembly Instruction
How to connect handle to the body?
How do I install the cleaning roller for the first time?
Move & Charge Your HIZERO
How to move the appliance?
Why is my HIZERO not charging?
Why is my HIZERO not charging?
How long should I charge my HIZERO?
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