HIZERO 首次亮相 VDTA,展示全新的HIZERO 4合1 地板清潔機

NEWS – 9 JUNE 2021 09:45

堪薩斯州歐弗蘭帕克,2021 年 6 月 9 日——中國高端家居科技品牌 HIZERO 將於今年 6 月在內華達州拉斯維加斯舉行的 2021 年 VDTA 國際貿易展覽會上展示其在高級硬地板清潔方面的最新成果。HIZERO F803 將於 7 月在美國各地推出,旨在保持用戶呼吸的空氣清潔,因為這款革命性的設備具有超高效和低噪音的性能掃地、拖地和乾燥。

2021 年 6 月 12 日至 14 日在巴黎酒店會議中心舉行的 VDTA 參觀者將在 716 號展位發現 HIZERO 參展。HIZERO Inc 副總裁郭林將在整個展會期間在展台上回答有關 HIZERO  品牌及其不斷增加的令人興奮的新產品的問題。

3 月,HIZERO F803 獲得最高認可,硬地板清潔器以人為本的設計和創新贏得了著名的愛迪生獎。

硬地板清潔劑採用革命性的聚合物滾輪頭來拾取液體、灰塵和其他顆粒,然後將它們無縫地分離到單獨的廢物專用隔間 – 留下乾淨、風乾的地板。

而且由於其技術不是真空系統,HIZERO F803 降低了來自複合地板和其他硬地板的灰塵顆粒被重新懸浮的風險,這對於那些因空氣中的過敏原引起呼吸狀況不佳的人來說是個好消息。

“HIZERO F803 是一款功能強大的新工具,它提供了大膽令人興奮的無繩和失重設計,”位於堪薩斯州歐弗蘭帕克的 HIZERO 美國地區辦事處的郭女士說。她補充說,HIZERO UltimateClean™ 技術不同於傳統的真空吸塵器和拖把,因為它可以捕獲灰塵、過敏原顆粒和其他廢物,並將它們輸送到 HIZERO F803 光滑纖細的機身中內置的特定隔間中,使其成為人們的首選過敏或哮喘。

“因為 HIZERO F803 不是真空系統,它降低了複合地板和其他硬地板上的灰塵顆粒被重新懸浮的風險,這對於那些因空氣中的過敏原引起呼吸問題的人來說是個好消息,”郭女士說。

HIZERO F803 的其他主要優點

o 無繩

o 一次充電可提供 60 分鐘的超長運行時間

o 輕鬆處理廢物分離室中的水

o 精心設計,重量輕且易於操作

o 而且,低噪音水平,測試表明它比傳統真空吸塵器安靜得多(高達 70%)


NEWS – 9 JUNE 2021 09:45

Hizero debuts at VDTA, showcasing radical new all-in-one cordless hard floor cleaner

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Overland Park, Kansas, June 9, 2021 – Hizero, a premium Chinese home technologies brand, will showcase its newest revelation in superior hard floor cleaning this June at the 2021 VDTA International Trade Show and Convention in Las Vegas, NV. The HIZERO 803, which will launch in July across the USA, is designed to keep the air breathed by users clean as the revolutionary appliance sweeps, mops, and dries with hyper-efficient and whisper-quiet performance.

Visitors to VDTA at the Paris Hotel Conference Center, June 12 – 14, 2021, will find Hizero exhibiting at booth #716. Hizero Inc Vice President Lin Guo will be on the stand throughout the show to answer questions about the Hizero Brand and its growing range of exciting new products.

In March, the HIZERO 803 scooped top recognition, winning a prestigious Edison award for the hard floor cleaner’s human-centered design and innovation.

The hard floor cleaner utilizes a revolutionary polymer roller head to pick up liquids, dust, and other particles and then seamlessly separates them into separate, waste-specific compartments – leaving behind a clean, air-dry floor.

And because its technology is not a vacuum system, the HIZERO 803 reduces the risk of dust particles from laminate and other hard floors being resuspended, which is good news for those suffering breathing conditions sparked by airborne allergens.

“The HIZERO 803 is a powerful new tool that offers a boldly exciting cordless and weightless design,” said Ms. Guo from the Hizero US regional office in Overland Park, KS. She added that Hizero UltimateClean™ technology differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops because it captures dust, allergen particles, and other waste and transports them into specific compartments built into the sleek and slender body of the HIZERO 803, making it a premium choice for people with an allergy or asthma.

“Because the HIZERO 803 is not a vacuum system, it reduces the risk of dust particles from laminate and other hard floors being resuspended, which is good news for those suffering breathing conditions sparked by airborne allergens,” said Ms. Guo.

Other key benefits of the HIZERO 803

o Cordless

o Extra long 60 minutes run time from one charge

o Easy disposal of water from waste separation compartments

o Thoughtfully designed to be lightweight and maneuverable

o And, a whisper-silent noise level, with tests showing it is substantially quieter (up to 70%) than traditional vacuum cleaners

For more information, please contact Ms. Lin Guo, Vice President HIZERO Inc, at lin.guo@hizero.com or +1 913-439-7959 (cell, WhatsApp)