HIZERO 進入 2021 年,入圍美國頂級愛迪生獎,表彰創新品牌

革命性的地板清潔品牌 Hizero 入圍了久負盛名的愛迪生獎的地板護理類別的決賽,該獎項是一項年度競賽,旨在表彰在新產品開發、以人為本的設計和創新方面的卓越表現.

改變遊戲規則的地板清潔品牌 Hizero 在被提名為美國頂級愛迪生獎的決賽選手後,將在 2021 年風靡一時,該獎項旨在表彰旨在讓我們的生活更美好的新產品。

Hizero 的所有者兼首席執行官 Sam Li 表示:“成為愛迪生獎的決賽選手是像 Hizero 這樣以創新為導向的公司所能獲得的最好的榮譽之一。他表示,Hizero 非常榮幸能夠從全球 7,000 多家公司中入圍提名獎項。

Hizero 被 3,000 名世界頂級高級商業管理人員、學者和創新專業人士精心挑選為“最佳中的最佳”決賽選手。這一區別是對進入決賽狀態的創新的公正的 3rd 方驗證。

根據愛迪生獎委員會的說法,“入圍者身份是對卓越品質的肯定——一種能夠以營銷和廣告無法做到的方式接觸到客戶的確認”。金獎、銀獎和銅獎得主將於 2021 年 4 月 22 日在佛羅里達州邁爾斯堡舉行的 2021 年愛迪生獎頒獎典禮上宣布。 2021 年愛迪生獎®

2021 Edison Awards® 決賽入圍者

Hizero 在過去幾年中一直因其出色的表現而贏得廣泛認可- 最先進的 Hizero BionicFloor 無繩硬地板清潔解決方案。Hizero 利用革命性的仿生技術設計方法,為消費者提供真正多功能的設備,可掃、洗、乾和自清潔。

較早的認可包括美國 2018 年 VDTA 年度創新清潔技術獎、馬來西亞 HOMEDEC 2017 年創新產品獎,以及 2019 年 IHA 全球創新獎提名。

無繩 Hizero 硬地板清潔劑採用了一種稱為“仿生清潔”的獨特專利技術,該技術利用革命性的聚合物清潔滾輪頭“捲起”液體、灰塵和其他顆粒,因為它毫不費力地在地板上滾動,將兩者分離成特定的隔間,同時留下一塵不染的地板。

Hizero 也不同於傳統的真空吸塵器和拖把,因為它不會釋放灰塵或過敏原,是過敏或哮喘患者的理想選擇。

Hizero sweeps into 2021 as finalist for top US Edison Award celebrating innovative brands

Revolutionary floor cleaning brand Hizero has been named a finalist in the Floor Care category for a prestigious Edison Awards prize, an annual competition honoring excellence in new product development, human-centered design, and innovation.

Game-changing floor cleaning brand Hizero is sweeping into 2021 in style after being named a finalist for the top U.S. Edison Award that recognizes new products designed to make the way we live our lives better.

“Being a finalist for an Edison Award is one of the finest accolades an innovation-driven company like Hizero can earn,” said Sam Li, owner and CEO of Hizero. He said Hizero was deeply honored to be shortlisted from upwards of 7,000 companies worldwide to be nominated for an award.

Hizero was handpicked as the “best of the best” finalist by 3,000 of the world’s top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals. The distinction serves as an unbiased 3rd-party validation for the innovations advancing to Finalist status.

According to the Edison Awards committee, ‘the finalist status delivers an affirmation of superior quality—a confirmation that can reach customers in a way that marketing and advertising cannot’. The gold, silver, and bronze winners will be announced at the 2021 Edison Awards Gala in Fort Myers, Florida, on April 22, 2021.

2021 Edison Awards® Finalists

Hizero has consistently won widespread recognition over the past few years for its state-of-the-art upright Hizero BionicFloor cordless hard-floor cleaning solutions. Hizero harnesses revolutionary bionic technology design approaches to give consumers a truly versatile appliance that sweeps, washes, dries, and self-cleans.

Earlier recognition includes the U.S. 2018 VDTA Innovative Cleaning Technology of the Year Award, Malaysia’s HOMEDEC 2017 Innovative Product Prize, and a nomination for the 2019 IHA global innovation award.

The cordless Hizero hard floor cleaner harnesses a unique, patented technology called ‘bionic cleaning,’ which utilizes a revolutionary polymer cleaning roller head to ‘lap up’ liquids and dust and other particles as it effortlessly rolls across the floor, separating the two into specific compartments while leaving behind a spotlessly clean floor. The Hizero also differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops because it does not release dust or allergens, making it a premium choice for people with an allergy or asthma.