HIZERO 榮獲美國著名的愛迪生獎獎牌


地板清潔品牌 Hizero 榮獲久負盛名的愛迪生獎地板護理類別的銅牌,這是一項年度競賽,標誌著在新產品開發、以人為本的設計和創新方面的卓越表現。

預示著硬地板清潔的革命,中國的 Hizero 品牌今天因其卓越的 HIZERO 803 仿生無線硬地板清潔解決方案榮獲愛迪生銅獎。為了讓我們的生活更輕鬆,HIZERO 803 被 3,000 名世界頂級高級商業管理人員、學者和創新專業人士精心挑選,以獲得最佳中的讚譽。


“我們非常榮幸獲得愛迪生獎,因為它不是你可以買到的,而是需要通過提供卓越的設計和性能來獲得的,”Hizero 的所有者兼首席執行官 Sam Li 說。


過去幾年,Hizero 因其最先進的立式仿生無繩硬地板清潔解決方案而廣受讚譽。該公司開發了專有的仿生技術設計方法,為消費者提供真正多功能的設備,可以掃、洗、乾和自清潔。較早的認可包括提名 2019 年 IHA 全球創新獎。

首席執行官 Sam Li 表示,集掃、拖、乾一體的 Hizero 也不同於傳統的吸塵器和拖把,因為它不會釋放灰塵或過敏原,是過敏或哮喘患者的首選。

仿生技術是通過模仿自然來解決現代人類面臨的問題的一種方式。在 HIZERO 803 中,與傳統地板清潔相比,這降低了噪音水平,減少了能源消耗,清潔效率更高。“我們的無線 Hizero 硬地板清潔劑利用獨特的專利仿生技術,真正將液體、灰塵和其他顆粒吸走,就像它毫不費力地在地板上滾動,將兩者分隔成特定的隔間,同時留下一塵不染的地板,” Sam Li 說。

Hizero honored with medal in prestigious US Edison Awards

Floor cleaning brand Hizero was honored with a bronze medal in the Floor Care category of the prestigious Edison Awards, an annual competition that marking excellence in new product development, human-centric design, and innovation.

Heralding a revolution in hard floor cleaning, China’s Hizero Brand was today honored with a bronze Edison Award for its remarkable HIZERO 803 bionic, cordless hard-floor cleaning solution. Designed to make the way we live our lives easier, the HIZERO 803 was handpicked for the best-of-the-best accolade by 3,000 of the world’s top ranking senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals.

“We are deeply honored to be rewarded with an Edison Award because it’s not something you can buy but need to earn by delivering design and performance excellence,” said Sam Li, owner and CEO of Hizero.

Mr. Li said winning a Bronze Edison Award was a remarkable achievement for a new Chinese homecare brand. The Edison Awards committee says winning an award is a quality mark confirmation that can reach customers ‘in a way that marketing and advertising cannot’.

Hizero has gained widespread praise over the past few years for its state-of-the-art upright bionic cordless hard-floor cleaning solutions. The company has developed propietary bionic technology design approaches to give consumers a truly versatile appliance that sweeps, washes, dries, and self-cleans. Earlier recognition includes a nomination for the 2019 IHA global innovation award.

CEO Sam Li said that an all-in-one Hizero that sweeps, mops and dries also differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops because it does not release dust or allergens, making it a premium choice for people with an allergy or asthma.

Bionic technology is a way to solve problems facing modern humans by emulating nature. In the HIZERO 803, this has resulted in reduced noise levels, less energy usage and more efficient cleaning than traditional floor cleaning.“Our cordless Hizero hard floor cleaner leverages a unique, patented bionic technology that literally laps up liquids and dust and other particles as it effortlessly rolls across the floor, separating the two into specific compartments while leaving a spotlessly clean floor behind,” said Sam Li.